Help and Information About Entering Chat Rooms

On other guides we have discussed such things as how to find a room of interest and although its pretty self explanatory this page will show you the various ways you can actually enter those rooms once you find them and how to use your Favorites to save room names and enter them that way.

Ways to Enter Rooms

First and most obvious is entering from the list of rooms you find, you simply double click the room name you want to enter and there you go.  

You can also highlight a room name by clicking it once, you'll notice just above the word 'Channel' in the bar above the list will appear a new option 'Join Selected Channel' simply click this and there you are again in channel.

The third option for joining is to right click on a room name in the list and you'll see a small sub menu appear with some choices on it Join Channel being the top one.  You'll also notice that from here you can add a room to your favorites list or copy a channelname to give to a friend.  As mentioned on the Finding Room page using the full name (RoomName_andHash) you can copy and paste that into the Filter Bar and join this way as well.

The Favorites and How to Use it

So maybe you're wondering now 'What is this 'favorites' thing?', well let me explain.

There are lots of rooms on WinMX and you may want to find this room at a later date or be able to enter it without having to wait for it on your list, or without even being actually connected on the networks tag with the green light.  

Once a room is listed in your favorites (the list is located on the Chat Window Screen of WinMX v3.5x) you can simply click on that to get joined to the room.  You can have as many rooms on this list as you like, you can scroll to the bottom of this list to edit it and remove names you no longer need or names that have changed.

Note:  Keep in mind that if a host's IP changes then the full room name (the hash numbers) will also change and break your ability to enter from the old favorites entry.  So keep those up to date as you need them.

You can also add a room to this Favorites list from within the room itself, once your in the room look near the bottom of the user list on the right side, you'll see a button labeled 'Commands' most of the things listed here are for hosts to use however from here you can add a room to your Favorite list too.  Click it and choose 'Add To Favorites'.

The next time you restart WinMX the room will be available to you from the list on the Chat Window.

Problems Entering

This brings us to the occasional issues folks will have with entering a room, there are a few reasons why when you try the things mentioned above you still cant seem to enter that room.

As just mentioned if your trying from your Favorites list there are two reasons why when you click the name nothing seems to happen.
1) The host's IP has changed and you're trying to use the old one.  For this try refreshing your list and look for the rooms new name, add it to your favorites and remove the old one.

2) The room is simply not open at the time you tried, often hosts have to reboot or shut their PC down for some time for various reason.  If this is the case try back later to see if it works.

3) You may have been banned from the room, hosts and admins of rooms do have some control over who can and can not enter the rooms.  Its possible that for what ever reason you may have been banned, its sorta like the phone company here if you feel you have reached this message in error then try to contact someone else from the room and see if they can help contact the hosts/admins to get it sorted out.

4) WinMX has a limit of rooms you can be in simultaneiously, the limit is 8 If you are attempting to join the 9th room nothing will happen.  Try leaving a room first, then go back and  try to join the one you can't enter to see if this limit is your issue.

Other things that can cause you not to be able to enter a room maybe the Host has not configured his Chat room and Ports correctly.  If this is the case no one will be able to enter the room until that problem is solved. For further information on correcting that visit this page:
Router/Modem Guide

Another common issue for not being able to join aside from being banned from the room by a host or admin is you dropped from the room but the Chat Room still has you listed as there.  We call this 'Ghosting' and the best answer is to contact an admin to have them kick the other user name out so you can enter, or just wait for that connection to time out and drop from the room to re enter.  

If you can't wait you can try to change your user name slightly like drop or add a letter to it and try to enter that way.

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Chat Issues Forum
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