How to Make A Log Of the Chat Room Using WinMX

Sometimes you may want to make a log of what is said in the chat room, some users have chat clients to do this too however, its easy to do from any WinMX Chat room window.  

In the 'Input' bar where you type simply type '/log (nameornumberhere)'.  
Here is an example of the exact command:

/log wmw1

This will cause WinMX to make a text file log of the room, you can access when you get back to see what juicy things users have said while you were away.  The file will be saved into your WinMX folder, usually located in 'C:\Program Files\WinMX' folder.

This log will stop if you leave the channel for any reason and if you don't and are in a busy room this file can get quite large.  Its best when naming them to use numbers or dates so that you can keep track of them easier.

That's it, easy to log to a text file from any WinMX Client Window.

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