Help and Information About the HotList

For those that do not know, the HotList is a temporary list of users that you have sent or received messages from called PMs (Private Messages).  You can also manually add users to this list in order to find them later to browse or send messages to.
There are some settings with this that leaves the average person with the impression that you can perminatly add users you want to keep in contact with to this list.  Sadly in most cases this is not the case and this is only a Temporary list.

Here is what it will look like after you have clicked on the button between Search and Transfers.  This will open on the side for you.  Here you can do many things, recieve or send messages, add a auto responder for when your away, and decide how browse works when users names are double clicked.

If you click on the button above this box that says HotList Options you'll see this next menu.

'Add User' -  This area is for when using OpenNap, you can add a users name, and select the OpenNap Network they are on and add them to the list.  It will not work for WinMX Networks.

'Auto Responder' - This section allows you to manage your Auto Responder Messages, messages that will be sent every time you recieve a PM.  Great for leaving folks messages when your away from the computer.
How to Set Up an Auto Respond Message

'Privacy Level' - This will take you to the main Settings for Incoming Message Privacy, for more information:
Settings For Messages

'Confirm Remove' - This setting you either tick or don't tick, it will give you a confirmation box before removing names from the list.

'Browse on DoubleCLick' - This will make the double click of a name open the browse, without it ticked double click will open a message box to the user.

'Change Template Settings' - These three settings are used to change how the name:network will appear, which one comes first in your list.  Helpful to list networks first for users of OpenNap maybe.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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