How To Use the Auto Responder For Private Messages

You may have noticed people have automated messages set up when you send them a private message commonly known as PM.

How To Make Your Own

First click on the button that says Hotlist this brings up your list of people on your hotlist.

There you see at the top Hotlist Options.  Click on that and choose Auto Responder.

This gives you a choice of Add/Remove and a list of what ones you may have.  Click on Add/Remove this brings up a box called Auto Responders.

Simply click on Insert New and give your auto message a name.  Then click OK, you will then be given a place to type in what you want your message to be.

When your done just close the box.  You can make several for different times, for example when away from the keyboard, or how you would like users to act about your files, and even what rooms to find you in.  Some folks even have ASCII art in the auto responder.

To turn on/off your auto message just go back through the steps and click on the name of the message you made.
TIP:  Remember that every time you receive a message in PM from someone that this will send this, sometimes if your having a conversation via PM its best to disable your Auto Responder temporary as it can get aggrivating for the person that gets this everytime they respond to you.

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