WinMX Settings - Incoming Msgs & Privacy

This is pretty much self explanatory but here is a brief overview.

'Incoming Message Privacy' allows you to set privacy settings to only allow incoming messages from certain locations.  I feel its best to allow messages from any source because you never know if your files are messed up, or if a user your getting a download from may need to contact you regarding that file transfer.  You can always add annoying users to your 'Ignore' list by right clicking the name in the 'HotList' and choose Ignore.  Your more likely to loose out on pleasant users then annoying ones by allowing messages.  

'Incoming Message Alert' is where you can set the type of 'alert' about a message received.  You can use any .wav file you have on your system as an alert here.

Quiet = Nothing
System Beep = That 'bonk' sound (annoying.. lol)
Browse for .wav file = Find or make your own Alert sound here.

If you don't already know there are hundreds of .wav files on your system already, let alone all the ones you can find on places like WinMX.  Just do a search of your system for '*.wav' or you can even make your own wav files with programs.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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