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Sharing files
How to Share Files on WinMX v3.31 or v3.53
How to Share Files on WinMX v3.54
Limits On Sharing

Changing The Shared Files Location
Changing Name on Shared folder
Files I Have Shared Not Showing or Folders Appear Empty

Scan For Media
How to Fix Scan for Media Files

Shared file types
Default Types and How to Add File Types

Incoming file folder changes
Changing Your Incoming Files Folder

How to Browse Users
What are Ghost Files, How to Remove
My Name Is Showing On My Browse
Primary - No Browse of Self

Tip: Need to copy a name from your Library screen?
Highlight the name then click the F2 button near the top of your keyboard. Here you can right click the file name and copy or select 'ctrl + c'.  Then when you're finished click the 'ESC' button.
Hitting the ESC button when you've copied it keeps WinMX from eating the file extention off of the end, annoying bug, this will ensure it doesn't do that.

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