WinMX - Library/Shared Files - Sharing Limits

There are a few limits that pertain to the Sharing aspect of WinMX.

How Many Files Can I Share?

You can share as many files as you would like, however for users that browse you including yourself, only a set amount of them will show up on that browse.  All files will show in search results.  
If your using Secondary to browse only 3000 files will show for you.
If your using Primary to browse only 5000 files will show for you.

Is There A Size Limit To Files I Can Share?

Yes, WinMX has a limit of 2gb for files shared.  Any files larger then that will not be shared and need to be either made smaller through compression (ie: .zip, .rar, etc..) or will need to be split for video files.  There are many tools available to split files and a quick Google search will help you find those easily.

Is There A Way To Add More File Types?

Yes, you can add virtually any file type you would like to share.  Go to Settings > Library > then click 'New' to add file types you would like.  For example 'New File Type (.pdf)'.  Keep in mind these new file types will still not come up in searches unless the person knows how to find them.

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