Here Is A Guide On How To Change Your Name On Your Shared Files

Most of the chat room users amongst you all probably know this already, but for new users of WinMX, who may not want their log on name (often their real name ) appearing for public viewing.

Relocate the shared files folder to the c:\ drive in a folder of your choosing. For an example of this problem go to a chat room and browse Show Full Path search..your log name will now be visible if your using WinMX v3.53.

Here is a brief description of how to resolve this and make a new shared file folder in such a way as to remove names from your paths.

First you need to find the 'My Computer' icon on your desk top or go to Start > My Computer and open it.

Now you should select the drive you would like to use to share, this is usually the C: (Hard Drive C:) and open.

Now that you have opened the direct drive your going to use you need to select the 'Make New Folder' Option by either clicking it from the list on the left or clicking the 'File button located at the top left and choose 'New'.. 'Folder'.

Name this folder what ever you would like, this one in the example is called 'My New Shares' folder.

Now go to the folder you normally keep your shared files and folders and right click them and select 'Copy'.  You can copy files individually or by an entire folder.  If you would like to select many individual files simply highlight them all with the mouse, right click and choose 'Copy'.

Now move to the new folder you have made, open it, and in the blank space right click and choose 'Paste'.  Now a transfer of those files will begin as seen below.

Now you should see the folders or files you have moved to your new location.  Be sure to test these new files to make sure a few of them play normally and that they have all transferred and then you are free to delete the files from your old location.

Once this is finished you will need to unshare the old folder locations and add the new ones to your shared files.  You can find a guide here to help you do this:

Sharing on 3.31/3.35 WinMX Versions
Sharing on 3.54 WinMX Version

Its never a good idea to use your names on computers even at home for accessing different user accounts.

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