How To Share Files On WinMX 3.54 Beta 4

Sharing files on WinMX is easy to do and doesnt take much time at all.

First decide what files you would like to share and what file types those are, like MP3, Avi, or Jpeg for example.  
One of the major changes from WinMX 3.53 to the newer WinMX 3.54 beta 4 is the shared files or 'Library Files',
not only a name change but also more options and an easier way to manage your shared files.

Above you see the Library Files button, click on this and you will then see the options to
Add Folder, Remove Folder, Refresh All, Settings, and Scan For Media.

As always NEVER use the Scan For Media option, as this will add any and every file on your computer that is considered Media,
including personal and program files.

Now we can click the Add Folder button to show WinMX where the files are located you wish to share.

Here you see the folder tree, simply scroll to find the folder you want to share and click on it once in the list.  
Now click the OK button.

Now you will see this box.  Here you can choose the file types you wish to allow to be shared on your WinMX.
Go ahead and check the types of files you would like to share from your newly shared Library Folder here.

This option is great and is one of the added features of the WinMX 3.54.  
If for example you have a folder that has mp3s and avi files in it, and you only want to share the mp3s, you can allow the mp3 format and share the folder without it sharing both file types.
The ones with a Green Check mark are ones you have decided to share in the Settings option.  
If there is a file type that you have not set in settings to share in that folder you will see a small red x like shown above.  
You can still choose to share only that folder by clicking on that red x,
until you see a green check mark, or set it in settings to always share those file types.

Once you have finished adding the folders and files you would like to share
simply hit the Refresh All button to allow WinMX to rebuild your library files.

Thats really all you have to do to get your files shared, the next time you start WinMX it will have saved all of this information and you won't need to make changes again unless you decide to remove or add more files.

This is the Settings button.  Here you can add new file types that WinMX may not have on its list to choose from when you set up a shared folder.  For example you may wish to share file with a .txt file extention on them.  Simply click New and add the .txt into the New Extention (bracets).

Thats it, sharing is easy to do and with the new features in
WinMX 3.54 beta 4 you have more ways to control your shared files.

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