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There are many default file types that WinMX lists and recognizes in shares and search.

The default file types if you have not changed them are:

Audio (.mp3 .ogg)
Video (.asf .avi .mpg .mpeg)
Pictures (.png .jpg .jpeg .gif
Text (.txt .rtf)
HTML (.htm .html)
Archive (.zip .iso .rar .r##)
Executable (.exe)
Other Audio (.mpc .au .aif .wav .midi)
Servers (.wsx)
Colour Schemes (.clr)

There are many files however, that you may wish to share that are not listed as default file types.  For example .xml files that metis uses for scripts, .psd files that are photoshop files, and even .wma files that are Windows Media Player Files.  The way to add new files types to your defaults is by going to Settings > Library > then click the 'New' button on the right.  Now you can add your new file type for example 'New File (.xml)'.  

Note:  Its vital you understand why WinMX does NOT share 'Windows Media files (.wma or .wmv)'.  When these files are ripped using Windows Media Player they embed information about the computer and user account used to rip them.  So even if you're not sharing your own information you're sharing someones.  Please consider re ripping any files you have made with this free mp3 tool.  That said you can add these files types as well.
Cdex Mp3 Ripping Tool

Keep in mind that although you have added these file types they will not show up in search results unless the user searching knows how to include words to find them.  You may want to also consider putting such files into a '.rar or .zip' file instead to ensure they are found easily.
Searching for NonDefault File Types

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