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Scan for Media is a common mistake that new users make.  This seems like a great idea when you read that title however, this will actually share all default file types it can find on the entire computer.  Sharing files that you didn't even know existed from within programs, pictures it finds, album art and all kinds of files.  Its always better to know and control the files you're sharing.  Once you have clicked that 'Scan for Media'  most users will have thousands of files and folders shared, getting those removed can be a long process.  
There is a better faster way to fix this.

WinMX v3.53

Open your My Computer Icon, then Open the C Drive, here you will see the Program Files Folder.  Inside there look for a folder named WinMX.  Once you have located it open it also, at this time if you don't already have WinMX off please completely exit that program.  Inside the WinMX folder you should see a file named 'library.dat', This is the shortcut that WinMX uses to locate your Shared files.  At this time right click and choose Delete.  Remember this is ONLY a shortcut to tell WinMX where your shared files are located, it is NOT the actual files.  Now restart WinMX and share your files that you would like.

How to Share Files on WinMX 3.53/3.31

WinMX v3.54 beta 4

This process is the same as the above however, the file name your looking for is called 'lib4.dat'.
Open My Computer > Local Disk C > Program Files > WinMX folder as above.  Make sure you have exited WinMX completely, right click the 'lib4.dat' files and choose Delete.  Again this is ONLY a shortcut and not the actual files you had shared.  Now restart your WinMX and share the desired files.

How to Share Files on WinMX 3.54 beta 4

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