WinMX - Library/Shared Files - Files Shared Are Not Showing or Empty Folders Show

This can often happen when you switch your WinMX from v3.53 to v3.54 beta 4.  This upgraded version uses a different file to read 'where your shared files are' on your PC.  WinMX 3.53 uses a file called 'library.dat' where as WinMX v3.54 beta 4 uses a file called 'lib4.dat'.  The fix if this is the case, is to click the 'Library Files' page in WinMX, then click the 'Remove Folder'.  
Remove all files you have showing as shared.  Then re-share them using the 'Add Folders/Files' button.  You can click this WinMX v3.54 to learn how to share files.

Another common reason files are not 'showing up as shared' is the file extension they are made in is not shared by default on WinMX.  For example Windows Media Files .wma files are not shared on WinMX by default.
Those are the most common, there is a good reason they were not included as defaults by the programmers of WinMX.  They often contain information about the person and computer they were ripped on and there for are not a good idea to share.  Its best to convert your .wma files or just re rip them.  Below are a few links to help you with this problem.
Cdex - You can convert or Rip with this tool.
Shared File Types Information

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