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This is to allow you to block specific users that are either sending PMs or getting into your que or even ones you don't want to download from.  Like with most things on WinMX because of the ID numbers changing for some users its pretty easy for them to get around this.  On Opennap this list is pretty much permanent as well until you remove users.

This is pretty simple, as with the hotlist options, you can Add, Remove or Whois a user from this list.  This list will store 512 user names before it starts rolling over, removing number 512 to add new ones.

'Add' - This is for OpenNap Only, place user name, then OpenNap Network Name and say OK.  For WinMX users adding a name can be done from most right click menus or from Whois.

'Whois' - Highlight a name(s) and click this to get Whois reports all them.

'Remove' - Highlight a name(s) and click this to Remove them.

Common Problems or Questions

This is hit and miss with WinMX Peer Users, keep this in mind if you get someone you thought was on the list and they still can get into your que.  There is not real cure for this and its a limitation of the decentralized nature of WinMX.

MxMonitor users, if you use the newest WinMX v3.53 or v3.54beta4 there is an issue with using the 'Clear Ignored Option' in MxMonitor itself and its recommended (especially for large amounts of users on Ignore List) to remove those manually from here.

You can Highlight the top one, scroll down to the bottom name, hold down the Shift key as you click the last one to Highlight it and it will select the entire list, then select Remove.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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