Here is a Quick Overview on how to use OpenNap On WinMX

This is a part of WinMX usually overlooked, but its easy to connect to and will increase your searching abilities many times over.

Connecting to OpenNap

To connect to OpenNap you require a file that tells WinMX where to locate the servers, this file is called a WSX file.
A simple way to obtain a WSX file for use in WinMX is by searching on the network itself for WSX files.
You can also find older .wsx files by looking in our Archive under WSX.

On the normal MX screen make your way to the top left corner and click the Box marked Networks, this will bring you to the name changing/connecting page.

Now look on the top right and select the long box marked Open Nap Protocol Networks.

On this page you need to click on the Find .WSX box,

This will take you to the Search page and after clicking search you will see many rows of numbers, click on about 3 or 4 of them,
(these files are so small that WinMX will auto jump you to the top of every que ).

Once they have downloaded and turned light blue then right click on them and select Import .
Or click the Import button from the Networks Page to locate .wsx files you downloaded from here.
If you have Downloaded the GotNap WSX file or have some from the archive,
the procedure is identical except for simply locating where you downloaded the new files to and Importing them.

Now you need only return to the Open Nap Protocol page and right click on the right side of the screen ,
select Select All then right click again and then select Connect.

Then hopefully you will see them change from yellow to green.

This will be displayed at the top of your WinMX and let you know what your OpenNap status is at all times.

If you have troubles getting the opennap servers to connect for you make sure you go to Settings > OpenNap Networks > Default User Name and choose a name with out any ASCII art or strange characters in it.  Then close that box and retry the connections.

Success !! Using this feature of WinMX will increase your searches and help you to find files that are difficult to find on the WinMX Peer Networks.

If you have problems or need further assistance with OpenNap please feel free to visit the forum to post quesions here:
OpenNap Forum Sections

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