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Connecting; recommended amount
Custom username and passwords


To connect to a Server, you select the servers you want to connect to and click 'Connect' button. OpenNap does not have the feature of trying to connect to servers automatically or keeping on retrying. You have to do almost everything manually.
If a server manages to find the host, then it moves to the top of your list and displays the message : "Sending xxxx Files To The Server".  When the server has finished connecting, and has fully uploaded the list, it turns from yellow to green in colour. When the server times out, it turns red.
I will not recommend anyone to select more than 15-20 servers at once and click connect. That can disrupt your uploading and downloading traffic to a great extent.. I will particularly warn those who also have upload throttles or have many upload slots occupied,  upload speeds will drastically decrease and may timeout. It can take a long time to connect if you also happen to have many files, about 1-2000+.
Sometimes, you have to register at a site if you want to connect to a particular server. The information regarding the same is generally given in the server messages.

To disconnect from a sever, you select the server in question and click 'Disconnect' button next to the connect button.
The 'Stop Attempts' is used to stop attempts of servers to connect (the ones still yellow). All attempts to connect are stopped. This however does not stop servers which have connected but is still sending your file list to the host..

To delete a server that you do not want on your list permanently, select the server in question and click the 'Remove' button. A confirmation box will open. Click OK to delete and select Cancel if you have changed your mind ;-)

Generally from most lists, about 90% of the servers never connect. So do not be surprised, if out of say 100 servers, you can connect to only about 3-4 of them.
It is always better to maintain your own custom lists so that you find it easy to connect whenever you want to.
To learn how to make your own lists, go to this page:
Information on Searching for, Exporting, and Importing WSX Files


When your connecting to OpenNap servers its important to remember that you can NOT use special characters in the Username.  If your finding that you cant connect to any servers, even public ones, this is the first thing you should check.  By default WinMX assigns your username in use on the WinMX Peer Network as your OpenNap name.  If your WinMX name includes any odd characters or color codes you will need to change this.  
Go to the Settings in WinMX and click on the OpenNap link there, on the right you will see 'Default Login', be sure this is something simple.  Then retry the connection from the OpenNap Protocol Page.

Some servers require you to register at certain sites so that you can connect to that server. You go to the site, register, or you contact the server admins on how to connect. If you need custom usernames, right click the server in question, and choose 'Edit'.   You'll see a window open up and one of the boxes is labelled usernames and the other passwords. Enter the required  username and password (Typically the site username and password) and click ok. PLEASE read the agreement at the site and any specific details if they have mentioned it. The requirements may vary from site to site. Some may require some other obligations to be fulfilled as well. What has been said here about the usernames, is a general case, but is likely to be different.
TIP:  NEVER  click the "Register username with the following E-mail" or ever use that option, unless you are required to do so by the site.

Remember that connecting to too many at once might make you not uplaod the minimum files in a certain time and hence may get you banned from that server.

There is also now a thread dedicated on the forum to posting Currently Working OpenNap Servers.
Information provided by SamSeeSam and Smokerillo, many thanks for their hard work on this.
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