How To Access the Chat Rooms on OpenNap Servers

Its easy to access the Chat rooms on the OpenNap servers you have connected to. Simply click on the 'Chat Button', if you don't already have this open, and look for the button that says
'List Channels'.  

Here you can pick and choose from the different servers you are connected to, choose one and then you will see a list of the rooms available on that network.  Having a strong community is one of the best things about using WinMX and OpenNap so don't be afraid to jump in there and meet some folks.  Just like anywhere some you'll love, some you'll like, and some you'll hate.. lol

There is also now a thread dedicated on the forum to posting Currently Working OpenNap Servers.
Information provided by SamSeeSam and Smokerillo, many thanks for their hard work on this.
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