Information on Login Details When using OpenNap with WinMX

Login Attempts


All OpenNap servers require you to have names. They are your identity and need to be unique for obvious reasons. However, you need to be careful with the names that you choose.
WinMX by defaults assigns the same name for WinMX as the name for OpenNap too. OpenNap will not accept names with symbols in it. Other than numbers, no other non alphabetical characters are allowed. You will get errors or not be able to connect properly if you do so.
You may also find that someone else on the Servers your trying to connect with have the same name as you, in this case its best to change it slightly.
You can find the area to put in your name for OpenNap by going to WinMX > Settings > OpenNap Networks > Default Login and change it there.


Some servers also require you to have a password so that you can join. WinMX will log you on automatically. So there is no need to keep on logging in every time you connect to an OpenNap server. Just give a normal password and forget about it. I doubt you'll ever need it. I have not so


In Settings > OpenNap Networks, you'll see something called login attempts. It's best to keep that time to about 30-60 seconds. Some servers have many host names that will be tried before they eventually get one that connects. Best leave it at 45. Below that is the number of simultaneous connections. If you have a fast connection, 256K +, then it's ok to set this higher. Set it to a value you are comfortable with.

All these settings in general do not make much of a difference. Best that you set them right once, and leave them at that forever.

There is also now a thread dedicated on the forum to posting Currently Working OpenNap Servers.
Information provided by SamSeeSam and Smokerillo, many thanks for their hard work on this.
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