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The primary reasons users choose to try OpenNap is to provide a larger user base and get rare files.  OpenNap searches are typically very fast as they are centrally listed, unlike WinMX, which sends out requests and gets searches. If you are connected to many servers, You better be specific on the things that you want.  Otherwise, you will get many many results, which will all try to load simultaneously, which can crash your connection.  If you want to search for a songs, the write both the artist name as well as the song name.  IF you don't see many results this way, then you may search just for the artist.  But better always try for the song first and then the artist. Also it is better that you do not download large files from OpenNap as if they get disconnected, then you may have trouble finding new sources (See the next section please as to why).
To search on a specific network, below the Audio, Video, Pictures tab, there is a tab called "All Available Networks". Select that and select the network in which you want to do the search in.


This is the most important thing about OpenNap. Also a reason not to download large files. OpenNap DOES NOT support multisource downloads.  You can only download files from individual users. When you start a file, you might see some yellow files around the file. You might double click on those files as well thinking that your download will happen faster, when You care actually only downloading multiple copies of the same file again. This will cause major aggravation for yourself and the users your attempting to download from.  They often just see your in Queue for the same file many times and add you to Ignore.  
This is also the reason why typically, OpenNap server results are never grouped together, the way WinMX ones are. That can also happen in uploads where the user tries to download the same copy of the file again and again. It is best that you try and tell that person the mistake that he is committing or you can unshare the files in question after he has uploaded it once and re share it later.


Sometimes, in your results, you might observe that the same user's files have appeared more than once. This happens as the person maybe on more than one server, just as you. This does not mean you can Que up for all of them and get the file faster, as mentioned above.  OpenNap treats each user in each server different. Meaning that the same person on two different servers will be listed, hence you see his files listed more that once.

There is also now a thread dedicated on the forum to posting Currently Working OpenNap Servers.
Information provided by SamSeeSam and Smokerillo, many thanks for their hard work on this.
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