Contacting Admins of OpenNap Servers

Contacting admins can sometimes be a bit of a problem. Mostly your job becomes easier if you want to contact admins of servers that are already connected. Go to the connected server and then click view server messages. Typically a site or forum address will be given there in the messages.  IF there are errors when connecting or if you have been banned for some reason, often, you can click 'View Server Messages' to get a better explanation.
Try out some of the chatrooms that are there on most servers. Sometimes the admins have a chatroom for such purposes or you might find someone who can tell you how to contact them.

When you get to a Server's WebSite. You may have to register as a member if you want post questions or comments. Just give a glimpse of the agreements if any.  Often you only need to look at the common errors section, in case your problem might be one of those.
Be warned: Please do not go to any sites that demand money for help services. Such sites are both charging for something that is free plus they are in all probability doing it without the permission of the server owner.

Another alternative method is to search for the servers via Google. Type the name of the server and see the results. Be warned that the sites of the admins will not necessarily be the first hits on Google.  This method may be a long one.

You can also go to and see if the server admin you want to contact is available there. They have their sites listed there adn will help you out in case you have problems.
Go to and look up the server list there and see if a site is available.
Some of them block spiders and hence Google/ search engines cannot access them and this is the easiest way to find the sites.

Also in WinMX > Settings > Incoming Msgs >

Set that to "allow all" as it may be that some server admin might want to contact you as well. Some servers have annoying bots that spam lol, so you can use the ignore button to not receive those messages. Some users who do are not uplaoding or downloading from you might want to ask you something as well, so it's better to allow such messages.

There is also now a thread dedicated on the forum to posting Currently Working OpenNap Servers.
Information provided by SamSeeSam and Smokerillo, many thanks for their hard work on this.
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