Helpful Tips When Using OpenNap

Below are some helpful tips from OpenNap users to help make your time on OpenNap work better.

Not Enough Files Shared
This was listed under common errors, but has been re-included here. The most common cause (if you have more than the minimum requirements) is that you do not upload enough files/total size needed within a certain time. Most server operators need you to upload a minimum (which may be equal or lesser than the stated minimum) in under 3 minutes. This is to prevent people from forever delaying uploading the files.
So if you connect to too many servers at once, you may not upload enough within the given time and hence may end up getting banned.
Solution, don't connect to more than 3-5 servers at once.

Organise Files Before Connecting
If you want to make major changes to the files shared by you, then do all the changes before you connect to servers, or disconnect from them and then reconnect after your work is done. You may fall short of the minimum requirements of files and hence end up getting banned.

When Reinstalling WinMX
When reinstalling WinMX, it will ask you to enter a username, enter a name which is strictly alpha numeric, as this is the same name that WinMX will assign to OpenNap network.
You can always change it to what you want after you have finished the installation, in the network's screen.

There is also now a thread dedicated on the forum to posting Currently Working OpenNap Servers.
Information provided by SamSeeSam and Smokerillo, many thanks for their hard work on this.
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