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Below is an explanation of the Bandwidth Throttle Settings Page.  We have a few guides on site that will help you to configure settings on this page so I wont go into details about how to set these, but simply give a brief explanation of the settings.
For configurations or more in depth explanations please visit these links:
Indepth Explanations - about the Bandwidth Throttle
Script Test Page - to test your bandwidth speeds and help you with settings (to be used with WinMX off).

'Bandwidth Throttles' allow you to control the amount of Bandwidth used for Upload and Download transfers, on both the WinMX Peer Network and OpenNap Networks.  This page also has settings for your Bandwidth Graph.

'Limit Incoming Bandwidth' you will notice is crossed over in red above, because you should NEVER limit incoming Bandwidth.  This is the bandwidth you use for Downloads. There are very few instances that I can imagine that someone 'might' limit incoming bandwidth and for those I can think of much better ways to control the bandwidth.

'Limit Outgoing Bandwidth' is used to limit the amount of bandwidth you use for Uploads to other users.  When WinMX is running it will use any resources it has available and make other programs slow or lag, by limiting your Outgoing bandwidth for uploads to about 85% of your total capacity you can free up resources for other programs and applications and still give good download speeds.
For more exact configurations for your own WinMX please visit the Script Test Page listed above.

The 'Throttle Process Interval' setting is for the time in which your bandwidth will be 'resolved' (sent).  Basically this is how often the limited bandwidth will be sent.  Changing this adds little to no benefit for most users, leaving it at the default 200ms is recommended.

'BW Graph Tolling Avg. Duration' is the length of time your graph will show the average speeds.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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