I have an older version still, will it work?

If you have a version of WinMX 3.53 or 3.54b4 the regular Patch Only installer will work for you and patch your existing WinMX.  You can find that at
WinMX Community Patch Page

If your client is older then this we recommend you upgrade to one of the newer ones available.  
If you're not sure what the differences are, have a look at this page: Differences in WinMX Versions.

If you're absolutely against trying one of the new clients and are using an older model of WinMX that requires connection to the peer caches
(any older OpenNap only WinMX clients won't require this), there is a way to patch those as well.

If you go to the Patched WinMX downloads page above, you can select the Install For WinMX v3.54b4 Patched.  Because some older clients may have a 'non-default' install its wise to make sure that your original folder in Program Files has been renamed slightly as not to overwrite the winmx.exe.
Open My Computer > C drive (for most users) > Program Files and see if you have a folder named WinMX.  If so this folder contains your older client, rename it to WinMX1 or something for now.
Now you can run this new installer it will create a folder in C:\Program Files\ called WinMX and in it, it will deposit a working patch for you.  
The patch name at this time is 'OLEDLG.DLL'.  
Make a copy of this (with WinMX Off) and place it in your WinMX1 folder you previously renamed.
Restart Your WinMX and it should work great.

You can always then go back and remove the new WinMX folder and even re-rename your older client folder back to WinMX.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your
information so we can look at the issues.
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