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WinMX Is Still Free!!

In case anyone is still not sure the WinMX network is still up and running free of charge for users.  The latest version and last release from Frontcode Technologies was WinMX v3.54 beta 4.  Don't be mislead by scam sites asking you to pay for WinMX or offering things like WinMX 4.0 they simply do not exist and are likely spyware/trojans or are other P2P systems like limewire or ares with a WinMX 'looking' Interface.
PLEASE - Never pay for WinMX under any circumstances!!!!

At this time you can probably download WinMX in many places free however, most of those are not 'patched' and will not connect to the new peer caches developed and operated by users.  In order to make sure you have a fully functional WinMX you should get patched WinMX installs from here:
WinMX Community Patch Page

The download page is available in many languages for you and should have all you need to get WinMX and get started today.

If you still have problems or other questions please feel free to post on the forum or browse more help pages.
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