WinMX Index of Guides

Are you new to WinMX? Choose from the links below.
Getting Started and Important Information

Patch Information  
Damage Caused by Flooding Companies/Why Blocking is Needed  
PeerGuardian The Facts
WinMX Obstacle Course
Recommended Settings For All Users
Filtering Fakes Files  
Basic Guide to your WinMX
How to use OpenNap with WinMX
Set Up For 56k Users

Having download or upload problems? It could be a firewall, router or port.
Firewalls, Router and Port Help

Router/Modem Help and Guide  
Setting a Static IP Address
How To Configure Your Firewalls To Work With WinMX
Allowing WinMX on Norton 2005 Internet Worm Protection
How To Change Your Port Settings in WinMX
Port Forwarding Explained
What is A Router

Some things you may like to know how to use.
Using WinMX More Effectively

Search For Different File Types like Games or Programs
What Do The Messages Mean in My Transfer Screen
How to Search With Hash Numbers
Things You Should Know When You're New To WinMX Chat
How To Use the Chat Functions
Basics About Hosting A Room On WinMX

Want to make some changes to your WinMX?
How to Set Up WinMX

How To Change The Language Settings
How to read Japanese Language File Names in WinMX
Sharing Files On WinMX 3.54 Beta 4
Sharing Files On WinMX 3.53/3.31
Setting Bandwidth Throttles
How to Create A Virtual Drive to Share Files On
Set up a Auto Responder Message
How to Change Your Name on your Shared Files
Changing your Incoming File Folder
How To read The Bandwidth Graph In WinMX
Add a little colour to your WinMX Interface

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