How Every User Can Help WinMX

There is lots of talk and confusion lately about what is going on with the WinMX Network and what can 'me' a user do to be helping the WPN while enjoying my WinMX to the fullest also.  This is a guide to our recommendations.

Sharing Files

Our advice is yes, share your files to your hearts content.  WinMX is set up and running in its identical form as before the crash, its always been a p2p not a chat client.  There is no reason for not sharing, and several reasons to share.

If we are sharing files this increases users that will come back and stay, it increases normal activity across the network which also strengthens it.
There will always be those that are 'leeching files', and using programs like Leechammer and MX Moni are fine, but please bear in mind  that many folks that dont use the Chat functions are scared right now whether or not its safe to share, remember that even folks out there not sharing and using a primary connection are still facilitating sharing across that connection and helping the Network.  So if your using MX Moni or Leechammer just be fair and keep these facts in mind.


Most of you are aware of the fakes that are being flooded on all p2p networks.  WinMX being decentralized as it is, makes it very safe to share on.  To date not one user that uses WinMX alone has been named in the bully lawsuit threats made by the RIAA.  So their best weapon against us especially with Frontcode aka WinMX Technologies closed is to attack the Network to make it unstable.

Fake search results flooding in through primaries does just that, and you might ask well if I am using Peerguardian, why does this matter?  Its simple, until all the primaries are protected and using it or the DLL patch the flooding results will still occur.  
The only true way to filter such fakes is to use the WinMX Community Patch

Primary Connections

Primary connections are still important to the network and needed badly.  Just making a primary connection however, is not all there is too it.  In order for it to actually be helping to support the Network you must have a connection that is supporting secondary connections.  If you notice that your room listing, searches and other normal functions of WinMX arent right.  Those can usually be easily solved with a little effort.

Usually its caused by a router or dsl modem, that has NAT (Network Address Translation) capabilities.  This just means that its capable of allowing more then one computer on the internet at the same time.   This could also be from a firewall or even from Norton Antivirus blocking WinMX full access.

Here is a page we have with information on what you need if you do have this problem and are on a router or dsl modem that is not uPnP enabled.
Router/Modem Set Up

If the problem is a firewall issue check these links for help in allowing your WinMX:
BlackICE Defender
Sygate Firewall
Zone Alarm Firewall
Microsoft Windows XP Firewall
Microsft Windows XP Firewall SP2
Norton Av 2005

If your Firewall is not listed there see this link for help:
Firewall Configurations

Another very important aspect of running a primary is keeping the RIAA at bay for all users connected to you.  This is very important not only for your own connection but, for the Network as well.  The fake file flooding companies use software to connect to you as a secondary user, then use your bandwidth to DOS attack other users and yourself when folks search for these fake file titles.  The method used takes advantage of the 'full path' method in which WinMX works.  Meaning they can have folders named things like Bo Bice, Jammie Foxx, Barry Manilow, then the title of the file may be 3 doors down.  Leaving you finding lots of odd things in the search field totally unrelated to the key word you searched.  So any primary user that is not either on the WinMX Group fix or Peerguardian 2 is helping to DOS attack the network.  Because the WinMX Group Patch offers this protection and also filters them from searches we feel all primary users should be on the WinMX Group Patch to protect this network.
Permanent Fix For WinMX

One other thing that folks ask about is settings for their WinMX.  The best settings for now are these:
Allocated Bandwidth-- Set this to 9KB/s Out and 13.5 KB/s In, by going to Settings > WinMX Peer Network > Allocated Bandwidth.
This gives a good balance between the amount of Primaries and Secondaries you will be connected to for you and the WPN.

If you need to know what to set your Bandwidth Throttles at please visit this link to test and guide you in these settings for your WinMX.
Test & Setting For Bandwidth Throttle

Secondary Connections

Let me first say that I have always been an advocate for the usefulness of the secondary user to the strength of the Network.  Many like to think they dont support due to the fact they require a primary to even be on the network.  This is a short sided view of the value of the secondary user, especially in these times.  Secondary users aide the Network in several ways, the most important at this time is taking up slots on our primaries that if empty would be taken by flooders.  Another point to remember is the amount of files secondary users bring to the Network, and again, more files bring more users.  Secondary users are also useful to keep the primary from direct connections to other primary users.  If this Network were made up of only primary users tracking IPs and on Network activities by the Riaa and watching activity would be much easier to do.
For the secondary users the most important thing you can do is to help by sharing your files, helping to spread the word about whats best for the Network and using one of the blocking tools isnt as important but its helpful too.

Word of Mouth

We lost a large portion of our network as many folks that dont frequent the chat rooms had no clue that a fix was being worked on, and simply deleted the WinMX from their computers altogether.  Its easy enough to see for us that use the WinMX based forums, or chat that its not gone.   But have you ever thought about 1.5 million people around the world being on at the same time.  This is what the average was prior to the Crash.  We have only gained back to estimated 800,000 users.   So where do you think those other users are at, well I can tell you they are everywhere.

Many of you like us, have many interests in life, do many things online, and are members of many sites or forums that have absolutely nothing to do with downloading files.  If we all make sure that these sites are visited and made aware in a casual way that 'Hey... did you hear... ' sort of thing, you might be surprised at just how many other WinMX users you might find on a graphics site, or a poetry site, or a hunting club site.  One thing the world has in common is music.  So be sure to help us spread the word and get folks that would like to come back, connected.

Why We Work So Hard
Now one last thing that I will say here about this Network, its not the newest p2p on the block, not the fastest, and we never claimed it was.  But it has one of the best user base there is as far as the variety of files available and the amount of sources.  Its chat functions and third party programs are some of the best and most innovative there are for any p2p network.  It also should be mentioned that to this day there has never been anyone sued using WinMX alone, which speaks volumes for its privacy controls.  This network has always been built by the users for the users, now more then ever.  Without Frontcode aka. WinMX Technologies to target its got the potential of being unstoppable.  

That said lets not forget that when your passing out all those thank yous to everyone for saving the Network, if you dont include yourselves in that, your short changing your self.

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