If Your Using A Hosts File To Connect To WinMX There Is A Better Answer.

Most users would like to have a permanent fix for their WinMX and not have to think about it all the time, well now you can.

The WinMX Community Patch will not only patch your WinMX and get you connected, it also includes and installation of the WinMX program If you need it, either WinMX v3.53 or v 3.54 beta 4.  Its ready to go and done once installed, no need to keep updating to ensure all available peer caches are used giving faster connection time.  This file works on all operating systems, 98/ME/XP/2K/Vista, you simply download the program, run it and it will take care of any changes that need to be made in order for it to work.

Some other features of the WinMX Community Patch or .dll is no need to run additional programs (such as PeerGuardian 2) to block the RIAA, the patch that is installed has a built in block feature for fake file flooding IPs.
More Info On Why This Is So Important
You will also notice that this latest version will use that same method of blocking fake file flooder's IPs to give you fake free results when searching for files.

You'll also be pleased to know this patch will have no effect on your BendMX or RCMS you have installed.  Just install it, start your WinMX and forget its there.

If your running a hosts file and your having any sort of reconnection issue you may wish to use WinMX Community Patch more advanced method of connection.  Hosts files, although were a great answer for a quick fix, are not the long term way to go.  Large hosts files increase your CPU usage, and use more resources on your computer.  They also have much slower reconnection times, especially if you don't have them updated.  You must continue to update these regularly due to changes in the peer cache IPs.  Messing with system files all the time to forever make changes to your hosts file is a pain, and causes many users connection problems.  You also have to run additional programs to block the RIAA, which further use your recourses and slow down your computer even more.
For a more indepth explanation of this have a look here Hosts file vs. DLL method

The .DLL or WinMX Community Patch method of connecting is by far superior for the long term.  Many users of hosts files are having problems with increased recourses used, causing WinMX to run slow and freeze up, problems getting connected and slow connection times, fake files showing up in any searches made, and tired of worrying about constant updates as caches are changed with the hosts files.

The WinMX Community Patch is simple to use, doesn't require you to be a computer expert and is easy to install over your existing hosts file fix.  There is no long list of steps to take to get this fix working, simply download it, install it and forget it.

So if you want your WinMX to work as well as it was meant to, install the patch from WinMX Community Patch and stop worrying about connecting and go enjoy WinMX.

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