How To Change the Native Language Settings In WinMX - How To And Help Guide

This is a simple guide to changing the language settings in WinMX, for this operation you will need a file for the language you require, these can be found here
Language File Archive

IMPORTANT: Please note that the files for 3.3x and 3.5x WinMX are different and may not work fully if the wrong file is loaded, also it has been noticed that some of the instructions for the last 3.54beta 4 version are not included in the file, these relate to the library functions and so hopefully will cause minor annoyance rather than affecting anything overly important.

Lets get started !

First of all we will need to rename the language file from its descriptive name (Eg: italiano - 3.53.txt ) to "language.txt" as this is the filename WinMX looks for when starting.
Once this is done we need to let WinMX know where to look for the file and there is a special place to do this in "Settings"

Now click on "Appearance" and the "Load Language From File" button should be visible.

You will need to click on the button and you will see a browse window open to help you navigate to where you downloaded the language.txt file

Once WinMX has found the file it will need to be restarted for the text change to take effect.

You may also wish to use a special font type or size and this can also be set in the "Appearance" Settings.

Note: If you load the wrong language or wish to reset the language to default (english) then you need only press the "Reset Language To English" button and restart WinMX to restore it.

Happy WinMX'ing.

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