How To read The Bandwidth Graph In WinMX

This tutorial shows how to read the graph that is displayed when you select the Bandwidth window in the WinMX client.
First we need to go to the bandwidth display.

Lets take a look at a standard graph that I have just taken and see what is visible.

From the indication on the screen we can see how the graphs are divided into Incoming at the top and Outgoing is shown in the lower portion, the colours mean the same thing in both sections.
Now on to the exciting bit, what do the colours mean?

First we navigate our way to the WinMX Settings window.

Now locate the Appearance tab and open it by clicking on the [+] symbol, look down the list to locate Bandwidth Window.

You should now be able to see this chart.

If you wish to adjust the colours this is the place to do so, also while your in Settings you can set how fast the display runs by adjusting the sample rate so the graph is taken over a longer time and should have less spikes.
To do this look down the left panel and select Bandwidth Throttles.

Many people set this to something like 12 seconds for a fairly clear display of whats happening.

Ok lets get analysing the graph again and see what it shows happening for the outgoing (lower) section

From this we can see a primary client, uploading a file with some static secondary clients who dont seem to be doing much.
The numbers on the side indicate the bandwidth being used in total in KB/s.

I,m sure some of your own may be more colourful, I hope this helps clear up how to interpret this rarely used feature.

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