How to Create a Virtual Drive With DOS

Here is a small explanation of how to Create a virtual drive with your DOS commands.  This is a great idea for sharing your files on WinMX.  You can do this on any operating system, its easy to do, and it changes everytime you reboot your machine giving us a variety of Drive letters our shares throughout the network are located on in a search.

The First step is to have a folder that is simple to get to, for this reason and also to eliminate any identifing names on your shared folder is a good idea to share a folder that is in your Main Drive, this is usually the C: Drive for most computers.  For the purpose of using a Virtual Drive, you will need to name this folder a One Word title, see our example below.
For instructions on creating this folder go to How to Change your Shared Folder

Once you have a folder set up in the C: Drive and have placed your shared files into it, you can begin the procedure of setting it up as a Virtual Drive.
**NOTE**  You can also use this to trick a game file into thinking its a cd in a cd drive to play them without having to make a Cd or download special tools.  Simply make sure the name of you folder matches that of the game file.

As shown above simply go to your Start > Programs > Accessories menus and from there choose the Command Prompt or MSDos command on some operating systems.

You will see the Dos Command window, you now type in the Dos command 'subst', with the letter you have choosen to give your Virtual Drive, 'f:'.  Then type in the Main Drive letter and the file you want to share, 'C:\Share', then hit the enter key.
Like picture above the command should look similar to this when typed out:
'subst f: C:\share '

If you get an error message like above its probably because your folder name is too long or you have a typo in your command.  
If no message appears under the command then you have success.

You can check to see if all is right by now clicking on your 'My Computer' Icon, there you should see your new Virtual Drive listed.  Now you can copy selected files into this new drive to be shared if you havent moved them when you created the folder or the entire game file.

NOTE: This Drive will Disappear when you reboot your machine however your file you created will not so no worries on loosing any vital files.  This can be a annoyance to have to set up each time but its great for WinMX in that we can change the letter of the Virtual Drive on every reboot, adding more success to its ability to counteract the fakes.

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