Search for files by Hash

As you know getting files on WinMX can be a bit of a challenge these days, depending on what your searching for.

This is a small trick you can use to help to verify the file your getting is what you want, and get it faster.
The WinMX HASH system is set up so that any file that matches in length and bitrate will have an identical HASH number. Basically this is a way to place an ID on a file to allow multi source download.
So its possible to search on WinMX and find only legitimate, matching files to what your looking for.

This explanation is based on the fact that you may not have a legitimate HASH number of the file, or know how to get one.

The first step is to open a search for the artist or title your looking for.

Remember that if this is one of the hundreds of artists being flooded then you may have thousands of results. The only way to truly filter these from your searches at this time is to use the WinMX Community Patch, you can find more info on this here:
Permanent Fix for WinMX

If your Not using the WinMX Community Patch be ready to stop a search after 1500 to 2000 results, by clicking on the Stop button located under the Search button.

Search With Results:

Once the search is stopped, or you have enough results, it's time to start sifting through the them. You need to concentrate on the information under the Status/Server column or the Speed column.  You can see in the example above the highlighted track and users.

Most of what you'll see if there is flooding, is a number in green and a ZERO in red.
The trick is to find one of the files that looks like this : 5 + 3 in the Status/Server or Speed Column.  Again the easiest way is to eliminate them by using the WinMX Community Patch.

Track Expanded:

If you expand this multi-user group, by clicking on the [+] sign,
all of these files regardless of title differences, have the same HASH number.


This is one you want to click on to download. That should take you back to your transfers screen, where you'll see them getting connected.

That alone will get you the file, however another good trick to get your download even faster is to now use the HASH number to increase the number of users your downloading from.  This is also where you can varify the mass of results you get match the file you want and not a movie file that actually is porn or some other title.

In the Transfers window, right click on the track. You'll see a drop down box like the one below. Choose Search For Alternatives.

Search for Alternatives:

Once you click on that it will take you back to the search window and you will see the artist's name or title in the top bar, and in the bottom bar will be a HASH>number that matches the file.
In the screen below that you'll see in light blue all the other users with a matching HASH number.
These can all be added to your running download by unexpanding (Clicking on the + sign) and clicking on it. If they don't match the title name your after then you can simply delete the file and start over, not wasting valuable time and bandwidth on fakes or mistitled files.

Searching the HASH:

Then when you go back to your transfers screen you will see them either downloading to you or qued to be downloaded.
This will increase your speed for getting the file.

Transfers with All the Users Added:

In no time at all you will have the files your looking for.


If you wold like to get a HASH list of your own shares to send to the P2P Revolution site Database then grab this tool from here: MXHashish
This tool will allow you to get a HASH number for one file or a directory of files if needed then send them to the site as per below.  

Remember after you get the legitimate files to share them so other folks like yourself can find the files they seek ...

Remember the only way to truly avoid fakes at this time on WinMX is to use the WinMX Community Patch from here:
Patch Downloads

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