The WinMX Obstacle Course - How To Get Up And Running

Many users new to WinMX often have minor teething troubles setting up and using WinMX properly  or "obstacles" as we like to call them in the help room. This page is to give you a "walk-through" of what may be needed and why, and also how you can help yourself through some of the simpler operations by understanding what needs to be done to ensure your connection is as good as it can be.

I,m assuming you have a "patch" to connect to the network with, that has been necessary since the program writer closed the official network in sep 2005, WinMX will not work without a special connecting patch, you can obtain one here .
If you need to install the patch do that now and then follow the routine oulined below to achieve a correctly setup WinMX.

Obstacle One: The Firewall
This is the most popular cause of problems with getting an initial connection to the network often the user will be left looking at a yellow blinking light and have no idea what the problem is.

The cure for this headache is to first ensure the firewall is set to "allow" WinMX to pass through, this is often done by the firewall throwing up a "message box" informing you a connection is being attempted during install.
If you block WinMX at this stage you,ll need to get into the firewall program and manually edit the list to allow the program through, this procedure varies according to what type of firewall you have but in most cases its ok to simply set an exception for TCP 6699 and (if your a primary user ) UDP 6257. This should see you over one "Obstacle"
Please note if you did not see a message box its likely you encounterd the windows firewall and you can find help with that HERE.

Obstacle Two: The Router
This is the is the most complained about aspect of staying connected and the cause of the majority of file transfer problems.

The cure for this problem is a little more complex in that it takes a about 8 minutes to resolve, luckily an excellent website exists that will help you forward your ports and walk you through how to do it with pictures, once again you need only remember your WinMX TCP Port and UDP port as you used for your firewall (6699 TCP, 6257 UDP), many routers will ask you to set a range of ports but you can simply enter like so winmx1 TCP 6699 to 6699 and on the next line winmx2 UDP 6257 to 6257. thats it for most routers although some are more demanding, requiring extra information so a visit to HERE is advised to overcome this "Obstacle"

Most people have both of these problems to deal with and an uphill struggle usually ensues. This need not be the case if you stay focused in crossing one "Obstacle" off your list at a time.

I hope this has steered one or two of you in the right direction and remember you can always find out extra information in the help room (find the address HERE).

Now its time to thank "DaBeesKnees" of the help room team for the idea for this guide, Cheers DBK!

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