Help Wrapping and Unwrapping Audio Files

Many of you may have spotted the label (ALBW ).mp3 at the end of some of the bigger files and these are albums as many of you know of course in a "Wrapped" format so to help guide you through the different ways to handle these I have made a "How To Guide" for each separate product.

There are a few different tools available for wrapping and unwrapping your files so I,ll list them out for you to see what is available.

Tools And Home Pages:

AlbumWrap Extactor(ALBW) is the original tool for this job and the extractor is free from here:
AlbumWrap Extractor  
The wrapper is unfortunately a shareware version but is still highly popular.  You can find it here:
Tutorial - Albumwrap Extractor

Alba Extractor(ALBW) is an open source tool that features some improvements over the Albumwrap original.  It also has a Linux version, get it from here:
Alba Extractor - Its also free
Tutorial - Alba Extractor

Moose Wrap(DJWrap) is a tool that will unwrap AlbumWrap and DJWrap format files and also wrap files using its built in wrapper (DJwrap Format), this is an open source tool so its completely free from here:
Moose Wrap
Tutorial - Moose Wrap

Track Wrapper(TRKW) is a tool that will wrap and unwrap also and although free it is not open source, you can obtain it from here:
Track Wrapper
Although I have rarely used this one it has saved me once before by unwrapping a file none of the others did.
Tutorial - Track Wrapper

AlbwFix Tool is a Tool that can sometimes fix ALBW format files that are damaged.
AlbwFix Tool
Tutorial - AlbwFix Tool

Mp3 Album Maker, this program is a freeware wrapper/unwrapper program that will combine a selection of Mp3's into a single file and also separate those wrapped in its own and certain other formats too, its also possible to add cover art if you so choose.
You can get this from here:
MP3 Album Maker
Tutorial - MP3 Album Maker

This list does not include every tool ever made but these are the ones used by 99% of sharers to swap their files in a wrapped format.
I would recommend to have all of them handy as you never know what your going to receive from other folks.

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