Help and How To Guide For AlbwFix

This is a how to guide to using the AlbwFix tool from AlbaFix Tool

This tool was designed to repair MP3 files that have been adjusted with a tag editor and have damaged AlbumWrap(Albw) tag information, and works by simply checking through the wrapper and rebuilding the header file to allow it to be unwrapped again.

To get started you will need to place the program in a folder and right click and select "Extract Here"
Then click on the icon shown here.

You should then see this main and rather blank looking screen appear.

This is a rather simple tool to use, as besides the language setting is has only 1 button to press.
The "Fix" Button, so lets get about using it.
Clicking on the "Fix" button brings up a box for you to select the damaged (Albw) file, remember this is in mp3 format.

You should now see this screen appear with a message to say all was well and a backup was made.

The backup will look like this and is found in the same folder as the one you just repaired.

If you need to recover the backup you will need to remove the "~" to make the file usable again, and this is simply done by renaming from xxxx.~mp3 to xxxx.mp3.


If you click on the "About" tab you will be able to adjust the language to one other than english, this will only take effect after setting it and restarting the program.

Well thats all there is to it folks, cheers to Jestools for this free program.

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