Mp3 Album Maker How to Use - Application Help Guide

This Program is a freeware "wrapper/unwrapper" program that will combine a selection of Mp3's into a single file and also separate those wrapped in its own and certain other formats too, its also possible to add cover art if you so choose.
You can get a copy of the program from the authors site HERE, or use the direct link HERE

Important: The MP3 Album Maker will require the Microsoft Dot Net Framework to be installed, if it is not the program will not operate.

Once you have a copy of the program you will need to run it by clicking on its icon.

You will now be able to select the location you wish to install it in along with the language you wish to use from the drop down menu.

You can now complete the installation by clicking on the OK Button and starting it from Start ->Programs ->Makeitone

Album wrapping/packing

The "Make Album" tab has a selection of buttons that we need to walk through

"Add File(s)"  - This button is for locating individual files to be included into the wrapper.
"Add Folder"  - Select this button if you wish all the MP3's in the folder to be wrapped.
"Add Cover" - This button allows you to select the location of any covers that you wish to be included in the wrapper file.

Note: The tick box "delete source file(s)" will delete all the files once the wrapping operation is complete, due to the possibility with an error in wrapping its our advice NEVER to tick this box.

There is a choice of "Automatic" or "Manual" file output methods with the manual one giving more control over the resulting file, for instance we can set whether to indicate the type of files wrapped and set a tag to indicate how the file was wrapped

In both Cases we need to set the folder for this tool to place our finished file in by pressing the "Destination Folder" button and selecting a location.

Once we are happy with tag and name settings in the boxes, we need only press the "GO" button (shown in red above) to have our file wrapping completed.


The "Unpack Album" tab has a smaller selection of buttons that makes things rather simpler.

The first thing to do is click on the "Open Album" Button and select the location of the wrapped file we wish to split.
Once the wrapper file is selected the tracks available in the file will be shown in the display window and you can move on to the next step (if the track cannot be unpacked by this tool an error message will be displayed in the window instead).

Once again we need to set a folder for this tool to place our unwrapped file in by pressing the "Destination Folder" button and selecting a location.
Pressing the "GO" button will complete the unwrapping of the file to the selected destination folder.

Well that's all there is to this folks, I hope this has answered most of your questions regarding this useful free tool.

Many thanks to for this great free program and to Silver Fox for bringing it to our attention, cheers to you both.
If you have issues or questions about this tool they also have a great support forum and are glad to help you with this at:
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