Help and How To Guide To Using Alba Extractor

This is one of the more simpler audio unwrapping tools, it will unwrap AlbumWrapper files (ALBW) and often does a better job that the original tool as well as being open sourced.
The original extractor can suffer for a problem of extracting the same track many times rather than each separate track and I'm sure that's what led to this release.
You can find the Alba Extractor from here:
Alba Extractor

Lets get started then on operating this easy to use tool.

You will be presented with this rather small screen that you can either stretch out or expand in the normal way.

The controls are listed at the bottom of the application and  you will need to start by clicking on the "Load" button and selecting the
ALBW file that you wish to split/extract the contents of.

If you try to open a file that is not wrapped in the ALBW format you will receive an error message, and will need to try one of the other types of extractor.
Once you have selected the file, the contents will be displayed for you in the central window for you to either select just the tracks you wish to extract or you may choose to tick the small box at the bottom left "Select All".   When your happy with the selection you will need to press the "Extract" button

You will now be asked where you wish the newly split files to be placed and so another window will appear and ask you for a directory.

Once you have selected the directory you will see this very welcome notification.

Your files are now ready to be played individually.

Thanks to the team at  for all the time spent on making this free and open source program, cheers all.

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