Help and How To Guide to using MooseWrap

MooseWrap is a program for handling wrapped mp3s.
It can unwrap AlbumWrap (ALBW) files, MP3Wrap files, as well as DJWrap files.
It can also create DJWrap files.

As well as being free it is open source so you are free to customise it
if you have the knowledge to do so.
Its completely free from here:
Moose Wrapper

Ok lets get it installed and take a look at the features of this one muli-functional tool.

Just press the installers icon and it will install itself into a folder in program files.

This is the main screen that you will receive once the program is installed and you may have noticed I have stretched the box a little bigger by clicking on the sides and holding down the mouse key while dragging it to a more reasonable size.

There are two important areas of this program that are not always made clear in the interface and those are the "Add" and "Open"
radio buttons and those control how your file is treated.
You will need to select "Add" to make a DJWrap file and select "Open" to  Open a file wrapped using one of the supported formats.


In the panel on the right you will need to select any files that you want to be wrapped by DJWrap and
by double clickling them the tracks will appear in the box on the left.

If a mistake is made you can remove them by right clicking and selecting "remove" in the left hand side box.

When you have the tracks you wish to DJWrap all ready you will only need to select the drop down menu option "File ->Save", and you will be asked to select a location for the new DJWrapped file and a name for it and the file will be saved to that location for sharing or archiving as you so wish.


To open a wrapped file you will need to make sure the radio button is on "Open" and then in the panel on the right,
search for and select the file that has been wrapped by DJWrap or AlbumWrap or MP3wrap,
Moose Wrapper will only work with these formats.  Having selected the track by double clicking on it,
the contents and details will appear in the box on the left, and you should now select the
"Unwrap" tab on the left for some extra options.

If you wish to unwrap just one or two tracks you will need to select the "Unwrap Selected Only" button
and hold down the shift button while making your selection.
You can at this point just click on the "Unwrap" button on the
lower left panel and take care of the text/titling of the files later.

The program will now have placed your files into the selected folder and you can enjoy them in the newly seperated state.

Advanced Features

For the adventurous amongst you alternatively you can select the built-in tag feature to adjust the
files titling/text to how you prefer them as I have done here in the picture.

If you wish to use the name rewrite function then you will need to be sure that the information
is in the file already as otherwise you will receive gaps in the name tags as I have in the example here
and tick the box marked "Rewrite Name Files" to make the changes work.

A big thank you goes to the programmer Oscar Sundbom for this outstanding free open source tool.
I was hesistant about the interface but once your used to it, its rather simple and easy to operate and works very well.

Cheers to all at
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