Help and How To Guide To Using Track Wrapper

Track Wrapper is a tool that will wrap and unwrap also and although free it is not open source, you can obtain it from here:
Track Wrapper
Although I have rarely used this one it has saved me once before by unwrapping a file none of the others did.

First of all you will need to install TrackWrapper and as it comes in a Zip file I suggest you open it from a temporary folder by right clicking on the file and selecting "extract here", this will show you 3 files and you will need to press the one below to get started.

This will lead you through the normal setup page and will install any special files this program requires.
placing the program in the default location that you may change and setting up shortcuts.

Ok thats all the hardwork done.
Once you start the program up from the start menu you will be greeted by this colourful screen.

You can now move on to selecting from the options lets start at the top.

Wrap Tracks

Select this option to make a wrapper of the Mp3 files you wish to combine.
You will need to make sure all the files you wish to combine are in the same folder and hold down the shift button while selecting them all.

When you are finished you will be asked where you would like your new file placed, this can be anywhere you wish.

Extract All Tracks

This is the one that you will probably be using the most to unwrap files that you have located on WinMX.
Go to the folder containing your incoming files and select the file that is wrapped using TrackWrapper,

IMPORTANT: If the selected  file is not a TrackWrapper type this will generate an error message at the next stage.

Once you have selected the file that you wish to extract the contents of, you will be asked if you wish to place them into the default folder or select a new one.

Web Links

This option leads to '' and seems to be non operational so perhaps pressing this button is not advised.

Exit Program

I'm sure you all know what this one does.

Files wrapped in TrackWrapper can be played on Windows Media player and will display the data showing the wrapper type.

Well that was very easy folks, I think you will agree, a nice and simple program that works well.
A word of thanks to the programs author Willard Schuler is in order here I think as he has not profited from it in any way and provides this program as freeware,  
Cheers Willard and thank you for your hard work.
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