Help and How To Guide To AlbumWrap

This is a simple step by step guide to help you use the AlbumWrap program to make Album Wrapped files
and to using the AlbumWrap Extractor program to Unwrap them.
The extractor is free from here:
AlbumWrap Extractor  
The wrapper is unfortunately a shareware version but is still highly popular.  You can find it here:

The ALBW tag on many files is often the result of users of this program combining their MP3's into a single package that can be downloaded all together and save queing for many different tracks of an album.
The wrapped album can be played while it is in this format also in 90% of cases although I,m sure we have all had one of two that refuse to play.


Lets start with the free part of this process, the extraction tool.

This program is separate from the AlbumWrapper itself as that is shareware and the extractor is freeware,
so remember to press the correct icon as they look very similar.

Pressing the "Extract Album" button will open up a window where you can select the AlbumWrapped file from your incoming folder or archive.

When you have selected the file click 'Open' and you will be able to see the contents of the wrapper and tick either which files you wish to extract
(or press the "Select All" button for them all), then continue on to press the "Extract" button.
We do Not advise you to tick the "Delete Archive When Done" option, its always best to make sure the operation saved your files properly first.

You will then be rewarded with this notice and the job is complete, you may now play and listen to the separated tracks and if you need to save space you may wish to delete the original wrapped album, although many save this to a backup CD.  


The AlbumWrap program  can be started in a similar manner to the Extractor above.

This will bring up the shareware notice that lets you know where you can purchase a key to keep the program running for longer than the ten day limit,
you will need to press the "Start" button to continue to the main screen.

You can make an ALBW file by selecting "Add Track" and selecting your tracks one at a time to add to the files in the list.

When you are happy that you have all the tracks you want in the list then press the "Make Album" button and you will see this screen for you to enter a title for the file and some artist information together with any tag you like, it is recommended you do not use a tag.

Once you have entered the details and pressed "Ok" you will be asked where you want your newly created file to be stored, this is also a good time to name the file.

You will then see a success notice and your file is ready for your archive or sharing.

Although one of these programs is not free the extractor tool is very useful on its own and many people are more than happy to part with the few dollars to use the wrapper as you may have noticed by its popularity on the networks, happy sharing folks!

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