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Some users will find that they can't seem to make connections to other users either with downloading files or more commonly with uploading files to others.  Below we will talk briefly about some of the reasons one might have this problem.

Downloads usually will only time out or fail for a few reasons.  It's usually due to fake files.  The best way to make sure your downloads timing out are not due to fakes is to make sure you have the latest WinMX Community Patch from Patch Downloads.  
This patch is able to filter those results out for you and let you just enjoy WinMX as it should be.  If you're not sure about which patch you're using, with the latest patch your update bar directly below your WinMX version and connection information should say 'WinMX Community Patch'.  If it doesn't then you may want to reinstall from the above link to be sure.

Another reason for consistent downloads failing is Internet Service Providers (ISP's) that throttle or block P2P traffic.  This is usually seen as downloads starting fine, connecting fine, then speeds drop to 0.00 and the download fails.  If you're seeing this type of thing I suggest you go to the WinMX World Forums for more information.

The last common reason we see folks having trouble downloading are the Auto Enter Que settings.  You can click that link and make sure that yours are set properly to ensure you get into reasonable Queues for files instead of instantly turning red.

Uploads consistently timing out are often the first sign to new users that there is a problem with a firewall, router, DSL modem, or even antivirus blocking normal connections On WinMX.  Because there are many configurations to be made, depending on your system and set up, here are some important links to help you get this sorted.

How To Configure Your Firewalls for WinMX - Off site.
Help Configuring Your Router/Modem for WinMX
Secondary Configuration
Primary Configuration

If your Uploads seem to connect fine but then seem to either never get up speeds or start normal then slow to 0.00 and then fail, this is usually the sign of an ISP that is throttling.  If your having this problem with your Uploads please visit the WinMX World Forums for more information.

Another cause of Uploads timing out could be that you have a program (usually Music Match/Jukebox Player) that has been holding the files indexed on playlists and this ties them up and wont allow connections to get through.  The user on the other end often sees a message 'File/User Unavailable' even though you are online and available your files seem not to be.  
The fix is this: Open Music Match, Go to Options > Music Library > WatchFolders > uncheck "Enable WatchFolders"

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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