NushiChat WinMX/WPN Compatible Chat Client Plugins Tutorial and Help Guide

I hope you have all read the basic tutorial on this client located here Nushi Chat Client Instructions.

This page is an index and basic description of the operation of the plugins and will link you to each page to show their functions using a selection of pictures to make it simple to understand each one.

Nushi Logger Plugin - This allows logging of a chat room into a txt file.
Lag Checker - This plugin allows you to check the lag in a chat room.
Time Plugin - This plugin displays the time on the users chat window.
Music Plugin - This displays the currently playing winamp tune in the chat room.
Link Plugin - This plugin will allow the user to follow a chat room posted weblink.
NupMX Plugin - This plugin allows you to access OpenNap server chat rooms.

This page is currently being updated and populated, please be patient and I hope the plugin you seek is one of the ones I,m working on this week.

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