NushiChat Client Plugin Guide - Link Plugin

This plugin allows you the ability to go to a website from a link posted in the chat room.


This is how the plugin will need to be arranged to operate correctly.

The plugin (red box) is of the file type MCP and will automatically work with NushiChat (green box) as long as it is in the same folder.

You can check the Help box to make certain this plugin is installed correctly.


This is another easy to operate plugin as its single function is to allow you to jump to a web link posted in the chat room.
Below is an example of the keyword "!nacs" being used in WinMX Worlds chat room.

Important Note
When you first use this plugin to follow a link you may see a message from your firewall pop up like this one.

Be sure to allow the outgoing connection through your firewall.

This seems like a rather useful function for this client allowing it to compete with other clients such as RoboMx which offer identical features.

I hope this tutorial provides the information you where seeking folks.
Thanks for this Plugin go to the 2SN site.
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