NushiChat Client Plugin Guide - Nushi Logger Plugin

This plugin allows logging of a chat room using NushiChat into a txt file.


This is how the plugin will need to be arranged to operate correctly.

The plugin (red box) is of the file type MCP and will automatically work with NushiChat (green box) as long as it is in the same folder.
The plugin generates its own INI file (blue box) and the logs are automatically placed in the folder as shown (yellow box).

With this particular plugin it is possible to see it working when Nushichat is in a channel by looking to the upper right corner for this display.

You can of course check the Help box to make certain it is installed correctly.


This is a simple to operate plugin as you merely click on the "Log Setup" button and select the function you wish from the drop down menu.

You can at this stage just select the "Log Start" option and it will log to the file as shown above. Alternatively you can set the size and location of the logs by selecting the menu "log setup" and you will be presented with this box.

If you tick the "Auto Log" option then the plugin will log as long as you are in a channel, once you have finished setting this up the settings are saved in the NushiLog.INI file.

You will be notified of the logging by a message on the chat window that only you can see.

If you select the "Flush Log" option a new log will be started and this display will be seen.

The old log will still be available in the selected folder.
You can stop the logger at any time by opening the "Log Setup" menu and selecting "Log End".

I hope this tutorial provides the information you where seeking folks.
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