NushiChat Client Plugin Guide - NupMX OpenNap Chat Plugin

This plugin allows you to join OpenNap servers that host chat rooms with the WinMX based NushiChat Client.
You can get the English version from here:
Nushi NupMX Plugin English


This is how the plugin will need to be arranged to operate correctly.

The plugin (red box) is of the file type MCP and will automatically work with NushiChat (green box) as long as it is in the same folder.

You can check the Help box to make certain this plugin is installed correctly.


This plugin can be activated by switching to the "Nup Manager" display (blue box) in the "Window" drop down menu.

You will then be greeted by the main display window like this one. The window is re-sizable so you can make the screen more compact.

The important part is next and is rather simple, you need to enter the open nap server address and port and a Username.
The format is "", see this example here:

One you have entered the server details you can proceed to press the "Connect" button and will be rewarded with a display like this one, the top half of the display will show any server messages from the server owner and the bottom panel displays a list of rooms on the server.

Should you see no chat rooms in the lower display, the server you are connected too may not support them and you will need to obtain another server address.

This is an example of the chat room display, (I have shortened the picture to show just the interesting parts).  

To leave the chat room merely press the "Exit" button and also when you have finished visiting any chat rooms,
remember to "Exit" from the OpenNap server also that hosts the chat rooms,
(This is just in case you forget to exit and go back to a WinMX room without disconnecting yourself,
many OpenNap server operators will not be pleased to have you wasting their resources.)

Important Note
When you first use this plugin to "Connect" you may see a message from your firewall pop up like this one.

Be sure to allow the outgoing connection through your firewall.

This plugin is a one of a kind, allowing as it does the use of open nap chat rooms for this client, a feature that none of the other WinMX clients currently offer.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and informative and enjoy this plugin.
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Thanks for this Plugin go to Nushi at the 2SN site, and and I also wish to thank Noam For his Translation of the plugin itself from Japanese to English.
Thank you my friend.

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