Nushichat - WinMX/WPN Compatible Chat Client Help And How To Guide

We have almost all heard of this great client that has seen many updates and versions over the years but is basically the same in all versions.
For new users to the network this is a simple way of speaking to your friends on chat without having to share files or operate WinMX.
Its major point of interest is the many plugins that are available for use with it and these will be covered on a separate page.

Nushichat 2.8

Recently in October a new 2.8 version was released that featured a channel list that was operated from the 2sn site itself and probably does not always reflect the most up to the minute listings also requiring an extra connection from your machine on port 80 to obtain this list so I will concentrate on the older clients as they are identical and are available modified to work with the post Sept crash WPN.

Nushichat 2.7.1/2.5

Lets get started.
The latest Nushichat for English users can be obtained from here
NushiChat 2.7.1 English
Once you have extracted the folder to program files you can run the client by clicking on the icon.

You should now see a re sizable chat window, lets look along the drop down menus we have.

We will need to enter a user name and some details such as line type and amount of files shared to keep WinMX happy. Please take note that WinMX can be fussy and block joining if the name is not set correctly (too many numbers or not enough).

Its normal and more reliable to join using the channel listing but you can directly enter a room name and join by entering the name here.

When you press the "Connect to WPN" or " Refresh WPN" button you must allow the client through your firewall or you will not be able to receive a channel listing.  

Ok, hopefully you have now reached a channel listing or joined a chatroom.
For those requiring to select different colours for the displayed text or another font type those are both selectable from here.

Another  of the interesting features is to be able to browse a users files and this can be done in the normal way by right clicking on their username in the right hand side (users columns) of the screen and selecting "Browse".

Although slightly confusing to some, the PM (Private Message) function on this client in called an IM (Instant Message) and can be used the same as on WinMX by right clicking on the users name you wish to send a message to.

The best thing about NushiChat is its large selection of plugins that allow extra features to be added to this basic client. For information and instructions on the plugins available click here:
Nushi Chat Plugin Index
You can view which plugins are installed by looking in "Help", as well as the credits and client details.

I hope this answers some of the basic questions regarding the operation of NushiChat and wish to thank Nushi@Matari for his work in creating it.
You can visit his site and thank him yourself perhaps.

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