How To and Help Guide for Setting Up Trivia In A WinMX Chat Room

There are a few ways you can set up Trivia games to be played in a WinMX Chat room.  This is just an index.

The three ways you can have trivia in your chat room are Metis Bot, RoboMX Chat Client with Plugin, and MXControl Simple Bot.
Below you will find the Download links for each.  Keep In Mind that these programs, like WinMX, have been patched to find the new Peer Caches.  You will need to download the program (if you dont have it installed already), the Patch Installer, and the trivia packs and plugins to make each work.  Install the program itself, then run the Patch Installer and these should replace the appropriate RoboMx.exe files to allow your Bot to connect to the WPN.

Trivia with Metis Bot

Trivia with RoboMX & Plugin

Trivia with MXControl Simple Bot

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