Metis Bot Trivia Userguide And Help File

Metis is great for Trivia, and is also highly functional for other bot uses in a channel.  If you dont already have Metis installed use the links below to do so now.

Metis 2.6
Trivia Packs in XML

You can always read more about the many functions of Metis on the MXControl site. For now lets just see how the Trivia works.  
NOTE: You can alter or edit the *.xml files for Metis by right clicking on the file in the Robo\plugins folder and choosing Open With.. then select Choose A Program....then select Notepad.

I am going to go forward as you have already got RoboMX with Metis installed onto your computer, if not the above downloads should be used.  Next you will need to download the trivia packs you wish to use, these again can be found at the above links.  Download one or as many as you would like to use.  

Once you have downloaded the trivia packs you would like, simply unzip them to your C:\Program Files\Robo\plugins folder.  Then you can start up your Metis Bot and enter the channel.

Channel Commands Examples Picture

Now its time to let the Metis bot know what trivia packs you wish to use.  This can be done manually or by a script, doing them manually is as follows.

When you get into the channel, start the Metis bot by typing /mxc run.  Don't forget to either type /bot or give the bot an admin status with Bot mode when in color server rooms, otherwise the bot will not work properly.  Now if this is the first time you have used a Trivia pack with your metis you will need to type in /mxc load.

You can have as many trivia packs as you want in the folder and you can add them by loading them with the above command.  If you only want to use one at a time you have to manually remove or add the ones you would like to use to your MXC.xml file.   Below is a example of how to set it in your MXC.xml file.
Type /mxc edit mxc.xml then add the following:

<include file="TheBeatles.xml"/>
<include file="simpsons.xml"/> - (substitute the name of the trivia you want to add)
You can add as many as you like here or you can remove previously loaded ones that you don't plan on using anymore.

Once finished type /mxc load this will reload any changes you have made, and will need to be done anytime you make changes to any of your files.

The scripted way of including or excluding certain trivia packs is as follows:

Visit this link:
Script loader for Trivia

You will need to make a LoadTrivia.xml file by copy and pasting the code listed on that link into a notepad document, save it to your C:\Program Files\Robo\plugins be sure its name as shown including the file extension .xml.  It wont work properly if its saved as a .txt document.  This document will need to list the trivia packs you want to use, the ones listed are just examples of some you may wish to use.  Just substitute the name of the Trivia you are using for the ones listed here.  If there are more or less trivia packs add them accordingly, using the above as examples.

Now you need to add a script to your mxc.xml file, again copy and paste this portion from the above link and paste this into your existing mxc.xml file.  This can be opened to edit by typing in the bot /mxc edit mxc.xml, this will open the mxc.xml file in notepad, or you can follow the directions listed above for opening them yourself in Notepad.

While you have the mxc.xml file open in notepad its also a good time to add users from your channel that you wish to allow to have control of the commands of the trivia.  This may just be the WinMX client you use yourself or other admins in the room.  Here is an example of adding a user to the User Group of trivia:
Type it in exactly as shown below, be sure to use the nickname and then add the * after to allow for numbers that change.

<usergroup name="admins">
[\/\//�\\/\/] Me Here |l��`��� 001*
Other admins or users*

You can add as many users to this as you would like.

Also at this time you need to add an include for your LoadTrivia.xml so that in the future all you have to edit if you change Trivia packs is the LoadTrivia.xml document itself.
Here is an example of the exact line to add to your mxc.xml so that it can find and read the trivia packs you are using from the LoadTrivia.xml file:

<include file="LoadTrivia.xml"/>

Now you can click the 'File' button in the top left corner and choose 'Save', then close this document.  In the Metis Bot window you can type /mxc load this should update to the changes you have made.

Now you can Either start your trivia if you have added it manually or you may want to include or exclude some of the trivia you have loaded with the commands for this script.

Refer to first Commands picture above for the appropriate commands to begin and control your game.  There are also menus that you can access from the bot if you prefer to make changes from there.

Here you can see many controls for the RoboMX and the Metis bot portion of this program.  The relevant ones for you at this time are the ones listed under "Metis".  These are quick access or substitutes for typing the commands into the bot that have been discussed above.  Start Metis-Trivia, Stop Metis Trivia, Edit MXC.xml, and Reload MXC.xml are the ones you will use most with your Trivia functions of Metis.

Thanks for this Metis Bot go to Bender from MxControl who designed and coded it, and Kilo for coding the scripting for the LoadTrivia.

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