MXControl Simple Bot Trivia Userguide And Help File

The MXControl Bot offers many simple functions for help with hosting, along with its trivia functions.  For infomation on those and installation please visit our guide to using MXControl Bot.  Below you will find the download links if you dont already have the MXControl Bot installed.

MXControl Simple Bot 1.34
Converted Trivia for MXControl Bot

The instructions for the Trivia Portion are easy and as follows.  The Converted Trivia Pack are not required to be in any special folder, you are simply going to copy and paste the contents into the appropriate file.

Once you have your MXControl Bot installed and in your room, go to the chat screen of this bot.  You will see this main menu in the channel for commands.

The MXControl Bot contains one main file, that is where all information and commands are stored for this bot, its called the MXC.ini file.    

Manually editing is easiest and gives you more ability to add the Trivia faster, so this is the way we will discuss here.  Go to the screen of your bot and type #EDIT_CONFIG and click enter.

This will open your MXC.ini file in notepad.  

On the MXC.ini file you will see the Start Trivia Command and the End Trivia Command as above, to add you trivia simply create spaces between the two and copy and paste the contents of the Converted Trivia Packs you have choosen.

Notice that the questions are denoted by '#' at the begining and end, and the answers are denoted by ' " ' at the begining and end.  You can see its easy to paste into this seciton parts or several trivia packs, or even make your own questions as many have choosen to do.  The MXControl Bot has the easiest ability to make your own trivia of all the bots.

Once the trivia you would like is in place click on the 'File' button at the top left corner of the MXC.ini file, choose 'Save'.  Now if your changes are  finished you can close this document.

Go to the screen of your Bot now, and Type the following commands:
#RUN - This either disables bot mode or enables bot mode.  Please make sure its Disabled to apply changes.
#LOAD_CFG - This commands loads your MXC.ini file with its new changes.
#RUN - This is to re-enable bot mode.

Your now ready to begin your Trivia game by typing the command as shown in the original commands picture above.
#TRIVIA, this will both start and stop the game running.

Once its running you will see the above screen and the commands you can use to get the Score, Ranking, or Skip

Thats it, simple eh?

Thanks goes to Bender of MXControl for his great work on this older, but still great Simple Bot.

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