How to set up your MXControl Simple Bot

Below is a simple explanation of how to set up Bender's MXControl Simple Bot.  This bot is easy to use, simple to configure, and is great for beginers that need simple bot functions in chat rooms.

To get you started click here MXControl Simple Bot to download MXC bot v1.34.
Once you have it downloaded just go to the .exe and "double click" to begin installation.  Its a fairly simple installation so letting it install to default folders is recommended.

You should have a choice of whether you want a Desk Top Icon, Quick Launch Icon, and a Start Menu Icon. Its usually a choice of whats more convenient for you, a Desk Top Icon is all thats really needed.

Next you need to install a Patch so this bot will get a channel list and connect to the new WinMX Peer caches.  Download and place this file into your C:\Program Files\MxControl 1.3 folder along side the file named Robomx.exe as shown in Blue and Green below.
Modified WinMXGroup Patch Downloads

Go to the Icon or your desktop shortcut and double click to start your new bot up.

The first page you will see is the Channel List, most of the time you will be imediatly Connected to the WPN and a list of channels will begin to appear.  In our example, it says in red WPN Disconnected, it might be neccesary to click on the Lightning Bolt button on the top far left side of the screen.  When the red turns to green WPN Connected, click on the Reload to get a channel list.

Some of the other buttons you see on this screen are RoboMX, List, View, Window, Help and on the actual channel list box you see Search Bar, Update, Reload, Status, and Lock Scroll on Selection.

Channel List options are :
Search - Allows you to enter a name to search for, controlled by the "Filter" on your "List" menu.
Update - Allows you to update your list for changes.
Reload - Reloads a new list.
Status - Shows the progress of your room listing.
Lock Scroll - Allows you to lock your channel list on a channel when the list is loading, helpful when your looking for a special room name and impatient like myself.

RoboMX is a drop down menu where you have the options of:
Enter New Channel - Enter a different channel.
Channellist - Retrieves you channel list.
Reconnect - To a channel that you disconnected from.
Reconnect All - To all channels you may have become disconnected from.
Connect/Disconnect from WPN - Connects or Disconnects you from the WPN.
Refresh WPN - Refreshes your connection to the WPN.
Change User-Details - Allows you to set your Nick name, connection type, and a virtual amount of shared files.  These will need to be set to your individual likes, although Bender has some there for you by default.  These can be changed at any time from this menu.
Start Serverconsole - Is a hosting function for MXC
Exit - Shuts down your MXC bot program.

List is a menu with options for your channel list:
Lock Focus - Same function as Lock Scroll.
Filter - Enables or Disables the Filter option.
Highlight - Allows you use Disable or enable the highlight on your channel list.
Edit Highlight - Allows you to edit what is highlighted in your list by key words.
Reload - Reloads a new list.
Update - Allows you to just update for new rooms or changes.

View is a drop down menu with the following options:
Full Screen - Maximizes your screen.
Channel Bar - Enables or disables the Channel Bar visible.
Toolbar - Enables or disables the Tool Bar visible.
Status Bar - Enables or disables the Status visible.
System Console - Enables or disables the System Console visible.
Ignored Users - Displays the list of Users you have ignored.
Trusted Users - Displayes the Users on your Trusted list.
Autojoin Manager - Allows you to view and make changes to channels you have listed in your Autojoin feature.  Much like your favorites list on WinMX, this will join those favorites for you.
Options - Takes you to your options screen for more complex configuration and settings.

Window options are as follows:
Next - takes you to the next screen.
Cascade, Tile, and Arrange - These are you choices in how the screens will be displayed.
This last section - This is a list of what screens you have open.

Help is where you can learn more about RoboMX and the team of people that helps to make these great programs possible.  Unlike other "Help" information options, Bender has this set up like a short story.. worth a look when you have time.

Now your reading to get your MXC Bot into a room, and set it up.

When you enter a room with your bot you will see a menu of options that you can use by typing into your text bar the appropriate commands.
To get started there are two ways set up your bot for use.  
The first is to use the mxc.ini file and make changes or add triggers and trivia from there.  This is by far the easiest method of editing.

To access this file type "EDIT_CONGIF" into the text bar as shown above.  A notpad document will open, this is your MXC.ini file.
// MXC.ini. Automatically generated by Configurator,exe
// Do not edit manually if you dont know what you are doing

#How are you supposed to put a Trivia Quesion in?#   "Exactly like this."

#BOT# "Hello, This is MXControl 1.3 :-)"



Welcome=Hello, %NAME%.
WelcomeBack=Welcome back, %NAME%
BadLanWarning=I'd watch that tone of voice, %NAME%, if I was you! (You get Autokicked!)
Botmessage=This is the message someone sees on a Browse of your Bot.
BadLanRedirectComment=You have been warned, %NAME%. Final words are not permitted!
BadLanKick=#usercmd /kick %RAWNAME%
Rename=%OLD% is now know as %NEW%  <<<<<   (This is the evil %OLDNAME has changed to %NEWNAME% message you see, if you want it to work to display the names change it to the way its written on this one. if not then just delete the line from this page.)

Score=%NAME% - Your current score is %SCORE% points.
NoAnswer=This question was not answered in the given time. The correct answer is %ANS%.
Correct=%NAME% answered correctly (%ANS%)!
Skip=Question %QUES% skipped, the answer was %ANS%
NextQuestion=Question: %QUES%

At the top you will see a warning to be careful when manually editing this configuration.  Taking a few minutes to see how things are typed out on this page and not being to hasty about deleting anything should keep you
Take note of how each one is typed in, including any special charachters such as hash marks #, quotation marks " ", and equal signs =.  The format of your own commands, questions, or messages must match exactly.  A detailed explanation of each section is listed below.

This is a great way to have some fun in your room.  This can be completely customized to your liking.  At this time the only way for you to put the questions in is by hand.
There is more great info and Trivia packs (pre-made) to use with this Bot here:
Triva Instructions for MXC Bot

#How are you supposed to put your trivia question in?# "Exactly like this one"

Normal Start
This is the area you will put in Triggers that when typed in the room, will get a specified response from your bot.  The one in the example above is typed BOT in the room.. and the response is then Hello, This is MXControl 1.3 :-).   As of now I am not sure how many triggered responses the bot will hold, and its possible there is no limit.
#BOT#    "Hello, This is MXControl 1.3 :-)"

This is an area you can put in certain word that you don't want people to be able to type in the channel.  You simply type in the word you don't want used, one word on each line is best.  If you have it the badlanguage commands enabled, and the bot is admined in the room, it will kick a user for words on the 3rd time.  This can all be customized also and even disabled if you prefer, we will address how in just a bit.

This is an area you can customize the responses to certain events in the room, such as someone entering the channel, re-entering, warnings for language and the admin command to kick.  When your wanting the bot to address a user by name you must enter %NAME% in the appropriate place.  When you are needing the full name with numbers as in a admin command situation like kicking you will need to type this %RAWNAME% .  Be careful to leave a space between any text on the outsides of the % symbols as shown here.  If there is not a place for your Welcome or Welcome back type them in using the format you see below.
Welcome=Hi %NAME% this is where you can but what your bot tells people at it they enter the room.
WelcomeBack=Hi %NAME% type your welcome back message here.
BadLanWarning=I'd watch that tone of voice %NAME% if I was you!
BadLanKick=/kick %RAWNAME%
Remember that your bot must be admin to kick and this command needs to match that of the server or WinMX command for kicking someone.
Rename=%OLD% has changed names to %NEW%
TIP: The MXC bot rename notifier is disfuntional.  It will constantly annouce and because of a coding error it also will usually just keep repeating in the room:
<Me..123_45678>%OLDNAME% had changed names to %NEWNAME%
It will do this for any WinMX Id change it sees, meaning every secondary user that is in your channel will trigger it every time they change the numbers after thier names, this happens alot.
Its our recommendation that you remove this feature but removing the line in the MXC.ini File for Rename.  Then in the bot screen you must also go to View > Options > Add-ons > Thee addon, highlight it and choose Configure, then remove the text in the Rename section located there.  Save and Apply changes.
If you insist on using this feature you must change the MXC.ini file to say this
Rename=%OLD% has changed name to %NEW%  << making sure what ever text you like is used but those variables are exact.

This area is to store certain settings you have or the program has chosen.  The only one that might need to be adjusted is the "BotTic="  set this to 99 if its not already, as shown in our example.

Those are probably the only ones you will ever need to adjust on your MXC.ini file. So now once you have it set up how you would like, click on the File button above and choose "Save".  Do Not rename this file or your bot will not be able to find it to use.

Now close that box and go back to your screen in the channel.  

We need to load the new configuration now and then activate the bot.

Type this command in the text bar as shown above. next...

Type the Run command in to activate the bot.

At this point your bot should be completely ready and activated.

As I mentioned early on there is another way to make changes to all the same information you found in your MXC.ini file.  Bender has a installed a "Configurator" that allows you to make these changes on a more appealing interface.  As I mentioned I feel its more difficult to use, but as you get more familiar with your MXC Bot you will find your self using both for different settings.  This is done from the View drop down menu and choose Options
From here there are many ways to customize your MXC Bot.

General Options

Enable History - This allows you to be able to see a amount of lines back on your screen in the channel.  I usually have mine Ticked to enable, and set the number of lines back to 1000.
Minimize to tray - Ticking this will minimize the program to your task panel.  Either way is fine however if your system likes to have a hiccup and you loose icons from that tray you will NOT be able to access this program except from you Task Manager :S, so i recommend leave this UNTicked.
Maximize Client Windows -  This ticked will keep your seperate screens at thier maximun size when accessed.
Remember Window-Positions - Having ticked will keep your window the same each time you access them.
Auto Hide System Console after Join - This ticked will hide the options console with you are looking at a channel screen.
Print Ping notification - I have no idea :P
Enable Commands-Scroller - Enables you to access both RCMS and 3.54 type commands in your Text bar by just rolling the mouse wheel.
Tooltip Notification - Enables helpful informaion about the tools you hover the mouse over.
Enable Logging and Store logs - This allows you to keep a record of the conversations and events that happen in the room.  You can choose the folder you wish those to be kept in here also.
Print Time Stamp - Puts a time infront of each message or event.
Retry Failed Entry - There will be time the MXC Bot will fail to join a room, or drop out of a room, this will allow you to retry your entry and choose how many times, 3 is standard.
Auto Load Channellist - Loads the Channel list on start-up.
Auto Connect to WPN - Auto connects you on start-up.
Show Emoticons - Show :>, ;) , etc.. as actual smileys
Use Keyword Highlighting - Enables keyword highlighting for your userlist.
Disable Animations - Disables the amimations in areas of the program, private mess, and idle screen.
Check For Updates - Checks for updates of the MXC Bot automatically.
Auto Greet Channels - This allows you to set an auto greeting as you enter a channel.

This screen allows you to choose your colors to use for all aspects.  You can also choose to load color schemes much like you can with WinMX.
You can also change your fonts on this screen.

These are messages you can set for when someone joins the channel, exits or is using WinAmp to play music or movies.  Keep in mind to take note of the format used if you plan on customizing these messages.

On this screen you can enable, change and add sound events to your MXC Bot.  This is a very popular feature, and is meant to give you that effect of the BendMX.

Here there are some options you can change that will help you customize your MXC Bot, this is where certain plugins can be added that might not have come with this program originally.  You can also add your own emoticons, add them as you see in the example above.

The RoboMX component of this bot did have originally a plugin that allowed you to host a room.  This is no longer available so using one to the other great Chat servers available for hosting or WinMX to host is necessary

Last but not least by any means is the Addons section.  This section has a built in option called the Configurator.  From here many of the same options you changed in the MXC.ini file are accessible.

Here you have options to change your messages such as Welcome, welcome back and rename messages.
You also see the message interval is set to 99=off, this helps to keep your bot from flooding out of your room if its triggered several times.
You can change your Event triggers here as well, along with delete, and edit them.  You can also set up MXC Bot to do random responses to certain triggers here with the Rand button.  
For example: Trigger is HELLO
Response one is Hi
Trigger is HELLO
Response the second time might be How Are You?

Once you finish changes to the Configurator, simply select Save and Apply and close it.

Just go to your screen in the channel and type
the #Run command to deactivate, then #LOAD_CFG to load your new settings, then #RUN again to start back up.  

Now your ready to enable your bot and start enjoying.

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