RoboMX Trivia Plugin Userguide And Help File

RoboMX is a great Chat Client that adds fun and function, and now even Trivia to your Channels on WinMX.  For this you will need the RoboMX v2.xx and the Trivia Plugin, both links are listed below if you dont have them already.

RoboMX 2.06
Trivia Plugin for RoboMX
Trivia Packs in XML

Once you have the RoboMX installed just simply unzip the Trivia Plugin files into the Add-Ons (for earlier versions) or Plugins (for the 2.06 version) folder in C:\Program Files\RoboMx.   Now you can gather up what ever trivia packs you would like to use and unzip those also to the same folder.

Once this is done you will be able to check if the plugin is installed correctly by looking in the RoboMX View menu for Options and clicking on the Plugins tab bottom left.

If you have installed the plugin correctly we can now proceed, if you cannot see the plugin in the Plugins window please restart RoboMx and check that all is now ok.

When you enter a channel with RoboMx you will need to let the trivia plugin know that you want it to work in that channel and you can do this by right clicking in the RoboMX channel window and looking down the menu for Trivia and then Set As Trivia Channel.


This should show activity in the main screen window confirming the number of questions in the XML file, as shown below.

Now onto the last step, go to the userlist on the right of the screen and right click on the name of the person you wish to become gamesmaster, select the Trivia option from the menu and then click on the Add Gamesmaster option.

Typing !trivia into the chatroom, should get your trivia game started.

Once started any user playing can access the Score and Ranking commands.  

SCORE - Displays the Score of the user typing it.

RANKING - Displays the ranks of the top 3 players.

Gamesmaters can also access some of the control funtions of the game such as:

PAUSE - Pause the game.
SKIP - Skip questions.
RESET (Score Limit) - Reset trivia game, or Reset (number) Pointes needed to win a round of 20 questions.

Another feature is the ability to enable or disable Hints, these can be activated on the 'right-click' menus.

Thats it, your now ready to have hours of fun with trivia in your channel on WinMX.

Thanks for this plugin go to Bender from MxControl who designed and coded it.

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