WinMX - Transfers - Upload Screen (lower section)

The lower section of your Transfers screen is where you can monitor and control your Uploads (files others are getting from you).  Like the Download screen there are many options and buttons to help you do this, some of these are also active only when a file or name is highlighted.  Lets talk about the buttons located just above this section.  

The first thing to learn about this section is you can re-size almost all of the columns and even decide how much of the screen the Uploads section will take.  To re-size the columns or move their order around simply hover your mouse over the '|' bars you see between sections marked above in a green circle, holding down the 'left click' move them where you would like them.  You can also hover the mouse over the main bar just above the button and a double arrow will appear, hold the 'left click' and move it up or down to the desired size.

'Clear Complete' Button, is the first one you see, which can be used to manually clear complete uploads from your screen.  

'Clear Incompletes' button is used to manually clear the incomplete uploads that have taken place.
You can change either of these settings by going to the File Transfer Time settings page and adjusting the times to your own preferences.

'Cancel' will disconnect the running upload or queue you have highlighted.

'Clear' will not only disconnect the selected file but also remove it from your screen.

'Queuing' will open the Queue Settings page.

'Options' will open the File Transfer Time settings page for you.

Options on the 'right click' menu when you highlight a file or user name in your Uploads screen are as follows

Start Transfer:
This option allows you to begin a transfer for someone that is waiting in your Queue.  You can use this option to allow users to upload from you even if your Max Upload Limit is already being used.

Bandwidth Priority:
The bandwidth priority will only be accessible if you have made limits to your Outgoing Bandwidth in Bandwidth Throttles page. Once you have that set, you can allow users to have more or less of your Upload bandwidth.  Below is an example of how it looks.

As you can see from this menu you can choose the amount of bandwidth to increase for certain users or decrease.  When you have set limits to your Outgoing Bandwidth throttles, and if they are set properly, WinMX will split the available bandwidth equally between each of your Upload slots.  If you set your limit to 30K and have three slots open, they should each get 10K.  You can increase one slot's amount of bandwidth and this will decrease the portion the other two slots will get.  For example increasing one users bandwidth priority by 1.5x would give them more and the others that much less between them.

You can also 'Browse' get a 'Whois' on the user, or Add them to your Hostlist from this menu, as well as Open or Play the file they are Queued or downloading from you.

Just like the Download Section of the Transfers screen there are several messages that you might see to the far right when files begin to make a connection or Timeout or disconnect.  Some of the common ones are as follows.

'Queued' (purple)
This means that the user has established a connection with you and is waiting their turn for your files.

'Timed Out Waiting for Connection' (red)
The user has timed out trying to make a connection.  You can try to increase the time your allowing for Uploads to make this connection in File Transfer Time.  
If you are getting this message on most or all of you uploads there are probably more serious problems.  Like a firewall or router that needs to be configured.  For infomation on that and getting uploads working please visit here:
Configuring Ports for WinMX

'Connection Reset by Peer'
This means that for some reason the user has disconnected on their end.

For more information on these messages or others not listed here please visit:
Transfer Screen Messages

This should help you understand what you see and what you can do managing your Uploads.  
This information brought to you by Mr and Mrs SiliconToad, many thanks for their hard work on this.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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